Female, DSH Tortie, DOB 25/10/2022

Hello! I’m Nala, I look a bit shocked, but I was caught by surprise, by the paparazzi!

I’m just a young homeless girl looking for love. The shelter is no place for a stunner like me. Don’t get me wrong, I am in a first class suite with gourmet food brought to my door and a comfortable bed, but the other patrons are quite frankly a bit noisy and not to my liking!

I am looking for a hooman, a couple or family who will treat me how I deserve to be treat… as their Princess! I would like to be the centre of your universe (when it suits me of course) but also for my privacy to be respected when I need to rest (it’s quite tiring being a princess sometimes!). I’m not sure how I feel about sharing MY home with another feline or canine but I am willing to try, with a slow introduction of course.

I’m sure you feel quite excited at the prospect of being my companion, so be sure to get yourself down to the shelter as soon as possible as I may choose someone else!!