Female, DSH Black, DOB 01/01/2010

Excuse me kind people, I wonder if you can help an elderly lady like myself?

I am seeking a retirement home to live out my twilight years surrounded by the love and comfort I deserve.

I need a quiet home, preferably with a single older person or couple. I despise other cats, and dogs stress me out too much, so I need to be your only pet.

I don’t have many requirements; just a safe indoor home, a comfortable bed, tasty food and the biggest one of all, LOVE.

There is a famous saying (so I’ve heard), ‘Love is all you need’, and I firmly believe this to be true. If I leave this world knowing I am loved (I’m not in a rush to go yet though!!) then I will truly be a happy and lucky girl.

Please come and meet me at APS today!