Proud Sponsors of APS Cats, Dogs, Catteries and Kennels

The Government of Western Australia is a contributor to the welfare of the Animal Protection Society’s dogs, cats and kittens.  Their annual contribution helps us re-home Perth’s lost and abandoned dogs and cats and helps to promote responsible pet ownership throughout Western Australia.  The State Government plays an important role in creating and managing legislation relating to animal welfare.


  • Glenda Blom sponsoring Huckleberry, Sunda, Imogen & Marigold
  • Lisa & Derek Smith sponsoring Moonface
  • Val Morgan sponsoring Orion (Squatter)
  • Maggie Amy sponsoring Mr Tibbs
  • Beba Haskovic sponsoring Tom & Kediri
  • Ai Lian Lee sponsoring Hope
  • Jess Irons sponsoring Kibi
  • Andrea Gray sponsoring Madi & Atlas
  • Tracie Polinelli sponsoring Saba
  • Maz Roeling sponsoring Dillie
  • Bernadette Bragg sponsoring Jordi
  • Margaret Bamford sponsoring Katrina
  • Bill & Ruby Cook sponsoring Harmony
  • Roxanne Claes sponsoring Jadson
  • Liz Whitelaw sponsoring Ramsay
  • Mr Enthusiast sponsoring Blue
  • Chantel Woodard sponsoring Jinx


  • Anita Hunt Mills of Canning Vale Fish and Chips
  • Colleen Piantadosi of Woodbridge in memory of Sebastian Moyle



  • Diane and John Elendt of Maylands
  • Ron Church (RIP)
  • Adele and Mick Wall of Auspet Boarding Kennels and Cattery, Southern River