Female, DSH X Siamese, DOB 11/02/2023

I purrsume my profile caught your eye because I’m so purretty, but there are so many other reasons why you must take me home too be your feline princess…

I am smart (which obviously goes without saying, duh!) and I am young (but sensible when I need to be!) and I’m pretty sure all of the other cats here must be jealous of me because I always hang out with the hoomans in the kitchen, yes, I am very popular with them!

I don’t ask for much (well not too much), I just like tasty meals, comfortable beds, plenty of toys, snuggles on demand and someone to understand no when I mean no!

I can probably cohabit with other cats (given a slow introduction) but obviously I am need to be your favourite, right?

I’m not quite sure why I haven’t been picked to go home with a hooman yet, I think it’s maybe that they are quite overwhelmed with my beauty and then make the wrong choice!

Anyway, I suggest that you zoom down to APS today and take me home immediately, before anyone else sees my profile, otherwise you will miss out, I guarantee it!