Female, DSH Calico, DOB 02/11/2022

Are you looking for an independent, stylish and assertive feline to compliment your lifestyle?

Well you need look no further, I’m here and waiting for my furever home, so hurry up out there, I’m getting impatient!!

So let me tell you a bit about myself… I was rescued along with my six babies who I’d been caring for on the street, not an easy task let me tell you!! But I’m a tough little lady and you don’t mess with me and my bubs!

I was then rescued and tasted a bit of the good life with my foster meowmy. Unfortunately, all good things must come to an end, my bubs grew and needed to find homes of their own. We came to the shelter and waited for the hoomans to choose us. One by one my family disappeared, all finding loving homes, but why am I still waiting??

It seems unfair, I’m a nice girl too! I love hooman company (when I choose) and I have a lot of love to give, I just need to be given a chance!

I can live alongside other cats but none of them are as lovely as me, if they annoy me I will make it known! What about dogs, you may ask?

Well, I see them frequently and hear them A LOT but we’ve not met as yet, so who knows… as long as they know who is the boss (me!) then it could work?

Anyway, instead of reading this, I would like you to go down to APS as soon as possible and take me home!