Female, DSH Tabby, DOB 10/02/23

Can you help me find a new home?

I came here with my bossy older sister Lilly. We thought we were going to be going back home but it never happened. We’ve had a nice place to stay, and the hooman’s here give you really yummy things to eat but I think it’s time to go home… wherever that is.

I think the kind of home I’d like would be one with tall hooman’s… the small ones are quite annoying and they make too much noise. I’m good at letting hooman’s know when I’m not happy about something… I think they call it being assertive!!

If you have other woofies and fluffies, you better introduce us slowly ‘cos otherwise I will show them who’s boss. Lilly is very annoying so it’s up to you if you want to take her with us… I’m the prettier one anyway!

Get yourself down to APS as soon as you can, I’m all packed and ready to go 🙂