Female, DMH Tabby, DOB 05/10/2022

ROOOOARRR!! Did I scare you?

Ha ha, I didn’t mean to, I just wanted to show you what excellent teefs I have!

I also have very amazing whiskers too, much better than my sister Lucy’s! We came to APS together and we did think we were going home, but it never happened. The human’s have been ever so nice, bringing us tasty food and serving our every need (as they should) but now it’s time for us to go to a new home.

Lucy is a bit annoying sometimes, she thinks she’s prettier than me and we sometimes argue about it!

I can be a little bit argumentative sometimes so the kind of home I need is one where the human’s will obey me, a home without little hooman’s too… they are very annoying (like Lucy!). We should go home together but maybe I would be better without her? After all I am easily the more superior feline out of us both!

Maybe one of those woofy creatures would be better company? Either way, introduce us slowly otherwise I will let you know about it!

Come and meet me at APS today… you’ll easily spot me, I’m the prettier one!!