I am a bit shy of pawblic speaking, so I asked one of the APS Team to tell you a little bit about me…..here goes…… I was born into a pretty bad situation, the people who had my pawrents did some bad stuff. I was a puppy from the wrong side of the tracks and had no idea how to cross dem tracks. Something happened and I ended up in Woof Prison. Thankfully the people there saw that I wasn’t a bad puppy and asked the APS team to help me. I came to APS about 8 months ago. There I have made lots of new friends with 2 legs & 4 legs. Sadly, every time I have a 4 legged friend, they get adopted. It makes me sad. Most people don’t ask about me because I am a Brindle Staffy X. But my friend here who knows me best wants you to know more about me, so this is what she wants you to know:

“Watson has the cutest little bear face and just wants to be loved for who he is. I have had him come home with me and he was the bestest snuggler, didn’t put a paw wrong and was the most happy little love bug. I would adopt him in a heartbeat, but I have a cat and he really doesn’t want to share with a catto. Watson’s past life is behind him now, if I could describe the pawfect home for him, it would be one where his new family take the time to date him and get to see the snugglebug we do (we suspect bad things happened with new people in his past life, so he needs time to learn to trust) once he loves you, he loves you. His new home ideally would be one where he might have a similar energy sibling he could play with, to see Watson with one of his friends playing makes my heart sing. His new family will need to be experienced enough to set structure in place for Watson and be prepared to work with him introducing new friends/family into his world. New people scare him and he will react. Watson walks beautifully on lead, but we would not ever recommend off lead dog parks or beaches for him due to his fear of new people”

Here’s what I need!

  • Quiet home with minimal visitors or the patience to introduce new people at my own pace
  • Could be homed with a similar energy female
  • Safe and secure house/yard
  • Ongoing training
  • Lots of love and attention!

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