Male, DMH Grey Tabby, DOB 05/09/2020

Hey there!

I’m your man for all things feline and fluffy!

As you can see, I am easily the best looking cat at APS… look at me, I’m gorgeous!

I’m really chill and easy to get on with which means my days at APS are numbered, ‘cos your all going to be rushing there to take me home…

Easy though! I’ll be checking all of your credentials… I don’t just employ anyone!

I like toys, I like scratch posts and towers, I like my food, I like to be made a fuss of… A LOT, I’d like an indoor home and a fully enclosed outdoor enclosure (this wins you lots of points!), I like fluffy comfy beds and I like to be made a fuss of… hmm okay, I already mentioned that one but it is very, very important that I am the main man in your life ALWAYS!

I can accommodate families, couples or singles. If you have other felines or canines, make sure you introduce us slowly… I’m not sure how I feel about sharing my space yet!

I also need to tell you I am FIV+ but it’s really not a big deal, most of us live normal healthy lives. If your not sure what it is, just ask at the shelter but I’m not worried, so neither should you be!

Rush down to APS today or you may miss out on having me in your life!