Male, DSH Ginger and White, 30/09/2016

They say life has it’s ups and downs, that’s an understatement for sure. I feel like I’ve had more downs than you’ve had hot dinners!

Life’s journey started for me at the local pound, with my Mum. We were one of the lucky ones, we found a roof over our heads at APS. My time there was short, being the cute dude that I am, I was soon picked for a home!

Imagine my surprise when I found myself back at the shelter 11 months later. I’d been the best boy that I could be but through no fault of my own I was returned.

My disbelief was short lived, when again I was picked by a new family and given my furever home.

We lived happily for several years, I’m not really sure what happened after that… there seems to have been some kind of mix up. My people packed their bags and left but they forgot to take me too!

That’s when life became really hard… no food, no company, no one to love me anymore.

Just when I thought life couldn’t get any worse, I ended up caught in a trap and I thought my life was over.

What I didn’t realise was the trap was there to help me, to try and find my owners or to get me back to a place of safety.

So here I am, safely back at APS, hoping one day I might finally get my furever home, with people I can love and trust my heart with forever and always.