Scooby Doo…..Where are you?? Well your search is over! Here I am! Scooby is the name and puppy power is the game! I am a large puppy with long legs that I am still growing in to. Being a puppy, I am still working out what to do with my Chomper Chops and I sometimes chomp things I shouldn’t. I have doggo friends at APS and love playing with them, my new family would need to commit to continue to socialise me with lots of people and other doggos. I would also benefit from being exposed to lots of new stuff out in the big wide world. My start to life wasn’t the best, I was in a bad place with bad people, then someone got me out of there but thought they could sell me on the street. I had no early grounding and no guidance. As a result, I am looking for EXPERIENCED DOG PAWRENTS who will give me structure and check me when I am being a JERK! I have learned a lot since APS rescued me, but I need someone to be patient and keep working with me. I can be wary of new doggos at first and need help to learn proper doggy etiquette. I love to be the centre of attention, get cuddles and play tugs. I will grow to be a big boy, so I will need consistency, boundaries and to have my manners kept in check. It would be really cool if you had a playful fursibling for me to play with. Come and meet me and fall in love with me!

Here’s what I need!

  • A strong, experienced owner
  • Someone willing to consult with the APS behaviourist regarding my needs before adopting me
  • No children
  • I could be homed with a fursister of a similar age/size
  • I need to be “dated”, you will need to work for my love before taking me home as I am not fond of new people (especially men)

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