Female, DSH Black and White, DOB 20/07/2019

Hey, I’m looking for a place to call home!

I did have one but my hooman was never home, and I didn’t like it!!

I’m looking for a place where the hooman is around to keep me company some days or even all of the time… maybe if you work from home I can help you too?!

Oh and I don’t like little people, they are noisy and annoying so don’t even consider bringing one of those back!

I have particular tastes to accommodate with my diet too, I love fish! If you give me anything else the chances are your going to be staring at a full dish all night – I know what I like and I won’t be persuaded otherwise!!

I’d love to be your special feline princess because I’m pretty and I’m special – pretty special!

Please come and meet me today, you won’t be disappointed 🙂