Hello, I’m Bailey! Just look at my smile, can it get any bigger? I’m sure it can, especially when you tell me I’m ‘dopted! So you want to know a little bit about me? Well, I came to the APS after doing time in the pound, I was found in the bush with a horrible wound on my neck. I don’t really like to talk about my past because now the only thing that matters is that I am safe and have a posse of APS angels looking after me. I haven’t been well socialised, while I am great with people I am not good with other dogs. Uncle Eric is working hard with me at the shelter to slowly socialise me, that’s why my future family will need to chat with him before I can go to my furever home. With people, I am cheeky, affectionate, playful and did I mention cheeky? I mean look at my face, while it screams cheekiness, it also glows with happiness and love. I can’t wait until I have a secure home of my own, with people who love me!

Here’s what I need!

  • A quiet home, with no loud doggy neighbours or passers by.
  • Strictly No other pets
  • Someone who can keep me safe on walks, far away from other dogs as I really don’t like them
  • I get bored easily, so I need lots of enrichment to keep my mind busy!
  • Someone willing to consult with the APS behaviourist regarding my needs before adopting me
  • I am very affectionate so would love someone to give me lots of attention, play time and of course, cuddle time!

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