Male, DSH Black and White, DOB 24/08/2018

Hey, have you heard?

Black and white is the new black!! So this means I am extremely on trend and in demand!

Well, that’s good to know, isn’t it?

Especially as I am extremely keen and have my bags packed ready to go to my new home… I just need to find a new hooman to adopt me.

I once had a home you know, but things didn’t work out (through no fault of my own) and I came to APS for a bit of a short break. Well, it’s ended up being an extended short break now but that’s ok because I can move in with you at very short notice… in fact if you pop in to APS right now, I’m here waiting to go home with you!

Oops, maybe I should tell you a bit about myself first though!

Apart from being an extremely fashionable and handsome boy of three and a half years old, you’ll find I’m affable and very relaxed. I get on well with hooman’s but I am happy to share my space with other felines too. Given the usual slow introduction recommended, I could possible live quite happily with the canine kids as well – I’m quite adaptable you know!

I just want to feel safe and loved, be warm and cosy and have my belly filled with delicious food every day – can you help me?