Mr Tommy Hargreaves

Mr Tommy Hargreaves
Male, DSH Tabby, DOB 6/9/07
Greetings! They call me Mr. Tommy Hargreaves, although I could easily be known as one of the resident heart-breakers here at APS.
I am a older gentleman but do not let that fool you or put you off, because as they say ‘your are only as old as you feel.’ And I feel fabulous!!! I am in top notch condition for my age. I do have an ongoing eye problem (entropian, I think it is called), which APS are hoping to get repaired. At this stage I just need eye drops – which I take like a champ. I have also tested positive to FIV so need to be kept indoors (I am done with the roaming nonsense anyway), be an only cat or I can hang out with other FIV positive cats.
Besides breaking hearts, I am into cuddles, smooches and head bumps. I am dreaming of spending my retirement in a quiet home, without young children but with hoomans to cuddle with and lots of places for me to laze around.
If you might be interested in meeting me – please visit the shelter any day between 10am – 3pm except Wednesdays when the cat section closes at 1pm.