Male, DMH Black, DOB 15/04/2014

Hello, I wonder if you can help me find a home?

I’m a quiet, sensitive boy who just wants to experience a sense of belonging again.

I feel sad and confused… I once had a home. I was a good boy but I still was brought back to the shelter, through no fault of my own. I found it a very scary experience, even though the people here showed me love, it wasn’t like a real home.

I soon found another place to live but it didn’t work out and I was back at the shelter.

It was third time lucky when I found my next hooman. After almost two years I felt for sure that I had found my furrever home, life was good, at least for me… unfortunately life has not been so kind for hoomans I hear. Times are hard and people are struggling… and again I find myself back at the shelter.

This time I need the security of a home that really is furrever. I’m in my senior years now and can’t cope with frequent change anymore.

I need to find a quiet couple or person, who could spend time with me and help me settle in. I’m very friendly and would love some companionship.

I think I’d be better as your only feline friend and I do need a strictly indoor home, to keep me safe from danger.

I do hope someone will pick me to be their special boy once again, it means a lot to me to know I can be loved and cared for in my twilight years.

Meet me at APS today!