Male, DSH White and Black, DOB 14/11/2018

Serious lap cat seeking human lap for warmth and reciprocated companionship and love!

Yep, I’m a what you hoomans would call a softee, and all I want is to feel loved again.

Many of you are put off by the fact that I’m FIV positive, but I just want to bust a few myths about that.

Feline Immunodeficiency Virus affects our immune system making us more vulnerable to picking up infections and fighting disease. Sounds bad eh?

Well actually it’s not! With our annual health check and vaccination (which is recommended for all cats) most cats have similar lifespans to those not affected and often show no signs of the virus at all. Today having FIV is really not a big deal, and don’t worry, hoomans can’t catch it off us!

So there you go, there is absolutely no reason why you shouldn’t take me home right away and shower me with affection!! I would probably prefer a dog free, quieter home but aside from that all I need is warmth and love <3

Come and spend some time with me at APS today!