Male, DSH Grey Tabby, DOB 14/09/2012

My name is Hardey and as you can see I am a very distinguished tabby cat, some would say I have a charming demeanour that wins hearts wherever I go, but I’ll let you decide on that.

My fur is a sleek combination of silver and charcoal, adorned with elegant stripes that accentuate my regal appearance. Despite my advancing age I remain sprightly and full of affection towards those I trust, embodying the spirit of a true companion.

I may appear reserved at first glance but I am quick to form bonds with my chosen human. I will shower you with gentle headbutts, soft purrs, and tender nudges. You will see that I am the perfect companion for quiet evenings curled up on the couch or lazy afternoons basking in the sunlight.

I have lived exclusively as an indoor cat, and I am FIV positive. I am happy to inform you that research has shown my lifespan is not affected by this, and with annual health checks I can live a normal feline life.

I’d really hope to live my twilight years as a beloved member of your family, I know I can bring you joy and comfort with my gentle presence and unwavering affection – I just need a second chance <3