Female, DMH Torti (? Persian x), DOB 26/6/12
Hey! I have been asked to say something about myself. Apparently the aim is for me to find a new home. I did have one, once. Then I ended up in the pound and no one bothered to come look for me. All i can say is the next one must be better than the last. So, rather than tell you about myself, I think it will just be easier if I write down my needs/demands for any home.
1. You will respect my space – ALWAYS.
2. No other cats – EVER
3. You can pat me but you will STOP when you are told.
4. You will LOVE my cattitude, cos i have a bucket load of it.
5. If you cannot handle a cat who must have EVERYTHING on her terms, get yourself a dog.
6. I WILL be fed twice a day.
7. You WILL be grateful when I spend time with you.
That should just about do it. Do not even bother to come meet me if you think there can be any give or take on my demands – because there will not be.