Female, DSH Tabby and White, DOB 07/04/2020

Oh hello, are you looking to adopt a cat?

Maybe you’d like to consider me?

I’m such a good girl… can I tell you my story?

Six months ago I was found in an abandoned house. I was accompanied by my five kittens who I’d given birth to only two days before. I was scared and concerned that my kittens were going to be taken away from me. I didn’t understand humans and their world but slowly I began to trust that they wanted to help me and my bubs. Suddenly our lives changed, I didn’t have to go looking for food… it was brought straight to me! We had comfort and warmth, and I felt safe and secure.

My kittens have all gone to live with other humans now, I know they will be loved and safe. My future is less certain. I now live at the shelter with lots of other cats. We can get get up to lots of mischief and it can be fun, however, just like my kittens, I’d like a human family of my own. I’d like my bed, my own toys, my own food bowls and my own humans that will just love me!

I’m friendly, fun and I think I’d fit purrfectly into your family!

I’d love for you to give me a chance, meet me at APS today!