MALE – STAFFY X – LARGE – DOB 05/11/17

Sup world, it’s ya boy Diego. I’m here to tell y’all a bit about myself, so strap in. They call me the local bad boy around the APS, ladies love a bad boy. I am strong willed, incredibly good looking and have a big smile that can make you turn to mush! I need a owner who is strong, like myself, who can put up with my bad boy antics and I suppose, teach me some manners. My future home will need to be experienced with strong willed dogs and I need to have my home to myself, so no other pets. I don’t know my size or strength, because of this it will need to be a home without children. I am a smart boy who is willing to learn and love to be taught new things, but because I haven’t had much experience with the world I need to learn to grow my confidence in new surroundings and with new people.


Here’s what I need!

  • No other pets
  • Experienced owners
  • Willing to meet with our Behaviourist
  • No children
  • Ongoing training

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