Male, DSH Grey Tabby, DOB 01/06/2018

Seriously, get that camera out of my face!!

Everyone knows how handsome I am, and if they don’t they certainly will do when they come and visit ME!!

Oh, let me introduce myself, Bagheera is the name. I was picked up off the streets and dropped off at a local vets, in the hope I’d be claimed but nobody did. Since then I’ve been spending my time here at APS, which is kinda cool. They feed me my favourite foods and I even get a heat pad at night to keep me warm!! I hate having a camera pointed at my face though, so cool it camera lady… I don’t need that kind a publicity to get me a home!

So, what kinda home am I looking for? Well for starters I don’t want to share my world with other felines, no waaay!! I can hear plenty of the canine kids around me, but I don’t know much about them so maybe I could like them with a slow introduction?

I can be a little bit rough with my affections so a home with little humans is probably not a good place for me. Other than that, I am a confident king of a cat who will be happy relaxing on most beds and windowsills! I do have an ongoing medical condition which requires a special diet so email if you are interested in taking me home… which I hope you will, I’ve got a whole lot of love to give, just for you!