Male, DSH Black, DOB 04/05/2016

Can I introduce myself?

I’m Arnie, and I would very much like to come home with you.

I’m a reserved gent looking for my very own hoomans, to chill back and relax with. I like the laid back lifestyle, so I think I’d prefer a quieter home. It’s imperative that I stay an indoor cat, as I am FIV positive, but hey don’t let that worry you!

Did you know that cats with FIV can live long and prosperous lives too?

There once was a common misconception that FIV cats lives were considerably shorter, however we know this is not the case now. With annual health checks I know I too can live a healthy, full life!

FIV cats preferably are better suited to live with other FIV cats but if you already have a quiet, passive temperament cat, then there is no reason that we can’t be friends too (with a slow introduction of course). FIV can only be passed on through deep fighting wounds – common with street cats.

So, I’d love you to come and meet me, I’m part panther, part teddy bear so I know your bound to fall for me! <3

I’m waiting patiently for you at APS.