Hello, my name is Arlo (also known as Arlo Mega Chonk Fatty-Puff) and I’m here to tell you my story. APS received a call from a local pound in April 2020 regarding a severely neglected, obese dog (yes, obesity is neglect!) with nails so long they had started to curl around on themselves. I was covered in lumps and growths that hadn’t been seen by a vet, I struggled to move properly due to my weight and I was a bit of a grump because I was so uncomfortable. My APS angels took care of me, helped my on my weighloss journey and made sure I received all the vet attention I needed.

I have lost over 35kg and I have a nice trim waist now (if you look from the top, just ignore my saggy belly! Appawrently they don’t do doggy tummy tucks). I have grown into a wonderful older gentleman who loves belly rubs, short slow strolls and to rest my head on your lap for love and attention. I had a recent health scare where my APS family had to rush me to the Emergency Vet, they ran lots of tests and kept me overnight to make sure I was ok. I am now on some heart medication which is making me feel much better, but as much as I love my APS family – what would really make me feel better is a home to call my own.

I have been patiently waiting over 800+ days for my furever home, I know taking on a senior gentleman isn’t for everyone but I pawmise you I am a saint to have around. All I ask in return is belly rubs when required, a comfy bed to laze around on and all the love I know I deserve. APS will keep a close eye on my medical needs, I now just need the furever retirement home. I would love a quiet home, where I can just relax with my people and go for the occasional short, leisurely stroll. I love meeting new people and I win hearts wherever I go! Now I just need to win your heart. Please consider being my furever retirement home?

Here’s what I need!

  • Quiet home
  • I don’t need a lot of exercise, but I do require a lot of love!
  • I need to be able to be transported to medical appointments
  • Strict diet and medical needs

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