Female, DSH Grey Tabby and White, DOB 11/11/2019

Hi everyone!

My name is Aaliyah and I am the sweetest and prettiest girl on the APS block, don’t you agree?

I was wondering if maybe you’d like to take me home and then maybe your home could be my furrever home, do you think?

Maybe you’d like to know a little bit about me first though. I started my young life on the streets until being picked up by the pound last year. This came as a bit of a relief because the streets are not the place for a petite young lady like me. I arrived at APS early in November, but I was carrying a secret with me… yes, I was pregnant. I was not destined for motherhood though, a couple of weeks later I miscarried. I was lucky, the nice hoomans at APS cared for me and showed me love.

I now have a clean bill of health and am ready to start the next chapter in my life!

So you need to know I’m a clean and tidy girl and I always wash my dishes clean!! I have lots of energy, being the youngster that I am, so I think my purrfect home would be with a couple or family… maybe not the very tiny hoomans though as I can show my spicy side sometimes! I’m generally very friendly with hoomans but those other felines I’m not so sure about… that’s when I can show my spicy side!! If you have other meows I’ll need a very slow introduction and I can’t promise I’ll be accepting! I’m not familiar with the woofy kind though, so again, try a slow introduction and I’ll see if I like ya!

I’d love for you to meet me in person, I’m waiting for you at APS today 🙂