In case you don’t remember me, my Name is Evie, also known as “Special Woof”. Unfortunately, it turns out I would prefer a home without small children. I am still quite delicate after the APS angels saved my two back legs so I will need a family who can take care of me and ensure I am safe and comfortable. I love humans so would love to be with a family and in a home where there is someone home more often than not. If I get left at home by myself for too long I start singing loudly and for some reason this can bother the neighbours. I am very easy going and love to lounge around. At the moment I am a bit unsure of other dogs. I walk beautifully on lead however you need to be quite strong in case I see another dog and I want to go up and investigate. I love to show you my love with licks and am very well trained. If you tell me to go lay down or sit on my bed I will happily do this. I am very friendly but I do have to get used to new humans first and sometimes men scare me but it doesn’t take long at all for me relax. If you can help me with a loving home I will provide all the love and licks you can possibly ever dream of. I look forward to meeting you.

Here’s what I need!

  • Someone home more often than not as I suffer from separation anxiety
  • A quite home with minimal exercise due to my previous surgeries
  • Someone who can keep me at my optimal weight to help reduce the strain on my delicate knees
  • I am doggy selective, I could be homed with a very quite male pending a very slow dating process
  • No children under 5, I don’t know my size!

Think you tick these boxes? Call 93986616 or email dogs@apswa.asn.au to enquire about making an appointment to see me!